How recruitment should be.

We’re not going to tell you that we’re game-changing. Or revolutionary. Or even harp on about how good we are at this, or that. Nope, we’re just going to keep things normal. Casual. Simple. Because that’s exactly how recruitment should be. No fancy widgets. No flashing lights. Just great companies, awesome talent, and smart tech to bring the two together.

The Caroo platform is designed by its community, and we’ve had some of the biggest brands help shape it. To make sure we grow the community and get more feedback to improve the product, we are offering unlimited jobs, unlimited content and no cap on users for early adopters: 12 months for £1,490+vat (or £149+vat per month).

3 Reasons to give it a try:

  1. We don’t use job titles, instead, we match people based on skills and experience. We only notify relevant people about your opportunities.
  2. Our new feature will enable you to push content to specific audiences (the employer newsfeed), to build an engaged following that’s more likely to want to chat about job opportunities when they arise.
  3. Chat to talent direct. There are no recruitment agencies on Caroo, and no applications, when it’s a match we open the chat and you take it from there.
  4. OK, there’s a fourth, Candidates on Caroo are anonymous, making it great for reaching passive candidates and to support your DNI strategies.

With Caroo you can:

  • Create a brand profile and post updates or articles to the professionals you want to build a community with
  • Advertise unlimited jobs that will be push notified to only relevant people
  • Make the candidate experience simple and enjoyable. Candidates designed it this way.