Real Links are an employee referrals company. With their tried and tested methodology combined with their referral automation platform, Real Links work with clients such as Adecco, McKesson and Touch Surgery, to increase referred hires from under 10% to over 30%.

Real Links’ methodology increases participation and longevity of referrals by holding focus groups with their clients’ employees. In these focus groups, the company explores topics such as the types of rewards and process that can be used to mobilise employees to engage in referrals. These findings are then used to customise gamification elements on their platform based on the specific needs of each organisation.

The platform also automatically matches employees’ contacts to open vacancies, creating large talent pools for recruitment teams to source hard-to-reach and passive candidates. To support diversity and eliminate unconscious bias, all referred candidate data such as name, gender and ethnicity is anonymised. The platform also offers full transparency by letting employees easily track the progress of referred candidates throughout their application process. Additionally, Real Links assist their clients’ employer branding efforts by offering one-click content sharing features.

Through Real Links’ platform and methodology, clients experience the many benefits of referrals such as sourcing candidates that are 55% faster to hire, feature a 39% increased retention rate and are 3 to 4x cheaper to hire.