Plain speaking advice based on research, data and hands on experience leading HR, Talent & Recruitment teams

Helping you find solutions to your problems from start to end


We help organisations to define the problems they are really looking to solve

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Market Intelligence

We look at the entire market to identify vendors who can help solve our client’s problems

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The art of the possible

We demystify technology and help organisations to grasp the ultimate potential of digital HR

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We run research projects for our clients to support strategic decision-making

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We support clients in formulating an overarching strategy for the digital transformation of HR.

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Tech Implementation

We provide subject matter expertise to help clients fully implement and adopt their chosen technology

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Vendor selection

Worried of picking the wrong piece of tech? We offer a safe haven for you to understand all your options. Plain speaking impartial advice.

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Project and Programme Delivery

We take a hands-on project management role to drive the delivery of digital HR transformation

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Udder.rock - Discovery


You can’t fix what you can’t see.

Complex organisational challenges could have simple solutions, but trying to get there without clarity means feeling around in the dark. Discover what is and isn’t fit to meet your future needs, so you can see what’s really going on.

We’ll cast a neutral eye over your existing processes, people, and technology — providing a point in time assessment of your current capabilities and challenges.

Interviews, focus groups, and feedback sessions give you highly personalised insights based on qualitative research.

Collaborative workshops and activities with your key HR and other team members, centred around your organisation.

Building and distributing surveys to extract meaningful data from quantitative research

Udder.rock - Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Solve your problems from a higher perspective

Technology has the power to positively change your working life — but only if you know where to look.

Our bird's eye view of the market gives you the necessary information to easily identify the best solutions for sustainable HR success.

Access our objective market intelligence based on our deep subject matter and market expertise

Find the most relevant solutions for each unique problem

Leverage our knowledge of vendor capabilities and fresh research to speed up the process, gaining full access to the Udder database of vendors, and ongoing vendor - refresh sessions

We gather insights from all major HR technology events so you’re kept firmly in the loop

Felix Wetzel, Director Cera Care

What I liked most about working with Udder is their 360° service.


They become fully embedded, acting as a team member. They are super responsive, comfortable dealing with senior management and presenting to other departments.


Essentially, they are worth every penny.

Felix Wetzel
Director of Carer Acquisition, Cera
Udder.rock - The art of the possible

The art of the possible

To fully grasp the ultimate potential of digital HR, you must first see through the misty haze of acronyms and jargon.

We help you demystify technology to give you clarity over what can be done — so you gain a clear vision of what to do next.

Benchmarking you against similar organisations

Understanding what ‘Your Best HR’ looks like, not by simply repeating the best practice advice you can access elsewhere

Identifying what needs to be done to achieve your end goal and outlining the steps to get there

Running workshops and learning sessions with relevant HR and other stakeholders

Udder.rock - Research


How do you make big, strategic decisions?

You might be slow and careful, weighing up the pros and cons. Or you may trust your instincts and jump in with both feet. Either way, you’re left hoping that you did the thing. We give you a third option. Leverage our research tools and vast network of HR leaders to make confident, intelligent decisions — fast.

We benchmark HR, Talent & TA innovation + run capability and performance analysis of your competitors, industries, and teams.

Best practical considerations are based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative research

You gain access to data from TURN — a network of 30 thousand HR, Talent, and TA leaders

Udder.rock - Transformation Strategy

Transformation strategy

Action underpinned by a solid strategy will always take you in the right direction.

We’ll devise a strategy together that positively transforms your HR functions, teams, and technology stacks — for good. Our forward-thinking and sustainable approach allows future iterative changes, adjustments, and enhancement. This frees you up from regular, disruptive change.

The culmination of all discovery and research work done yet

Leverages PIN, market data, and competitor intelligence

Draws on the experiences of clients, partners, and suppliers, as well as stakeholder feedback

Lines up with your wider organisational strategy

Udder.rock - Tech Implementation

Tech Implementation

“Technology rollouts are fun,” said no one.

But placed in willing and experienced hands, they can be positively exhilarating.

We’ll get you up and running fast, freeing you up to focus on what really matters — the process and productivity improvements that make your HR work better. Backed by our deep knowledge of your chosen platforms and technologies, as well as the latest agile methodologies — we’ll seamlessly implement your chosen technologies.

Fixed project pricing and timeframes ensure that you know exactly where you stand throughout the process

We manage your system configurations, integrations with existing platforms, and data migration — plus any process improvements and realignment

We’ll train up your users, super users, and administrators so everyone’s fully up to speed

You’ll get a user and business adoption strategy and related comms plans — designed by a team with deep HR/Talent/TA subject matter expertise

Keirran Slimmon - Head of Recruitment, GWR

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Udder.


It was clear from the off-set that they're extremely knowledgeable, walking us through what the data was telling us and helping us showcase how it would be used to the rest of the business.


The process from start to finish was very smooth and very easy.

Keirran Slimmon
Head of Recruitment, Great Western Railway (GWR)
Udder.rock - Vendor selection

Vendor Selection

A highly objective, fair and unbiased process towards longlisting and shortlisting - overseeing demos, presentations and pitches

Full tender (RFI, RFP, RFQ) proces management

Able to move at pace, due to strong market knowledge and past projects

Systemised approach that brings a strong understanding of pricing and other commercials to contractual negotiations

Is there greater power than people in productive business partnerships?

But finding the right ones is far from guaranteed. That’s why we give you access to all the tools and insights needed to build an objective and rigorous approach to choosing sustainable vendor partner

Udder.rock - Project Management

Project Management

We actively enjoys running change projects and programmes

Once the learning, analysing, and planning is done — there’ s nothing more satisfying than bringing your ideas to life, through the successful project delivery of your sustainable digital HR transformation.

Our expert team supports, leads, and manages the delivery of your digital HR transformation projects and programmes

Modern project and programme management methodologies are applied throughout

Your project leaders will be HR, Talent, and THE subject matter experts

Richard Hutchinson - Head of Talent Acquistion, CityFibre

Udder took us through an amazingly straightforward journey.

It's clear they are a technology consulting partner with deep subject matter expertise. Powered by an agnostic approach, deep technical capabilities and most importantly, the ability to understand and challenge my strategy and thinking.

Richard Hutchinson
Head of Resourcing, CityFibre

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