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We were very happy with the depth of knowledge and research that Udder provided. Their recommendations encompassed a broad range of potential options with clear guidance on both benefits and limitations.

Anne Eden-Russell
Senior Talent Acquisition, BBC

The Need

The Need

The BBC has a strong focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at all points of the employee lifecycle, however, the approach was not underpinned fully by technology to support the delivery of the DE&I Plan.


Understanding that technology could play a key part in DE&I throughout the recruitment stages of the life cycle, they needed support in identifying where technology could be implemented and insight in to solutions on the market today.


The Research

The Research

We were engaged to review firstly the key recruitment challenges facing the BBC and then to provide recommendations on technology that could support the delivery of the DE&I Plan.


Taking a variety of internal and externally commissioned reporting and insights provided by the BBC, we were able to review and highlight the current challenges that were impacting the ability to deliver their DE&I plan. Through a robust review of the information provided we looked for issues that were captured and acknowledged, through multiple sources, and placed them into the relevant stage of the recruitment process.


We were then able to provide recommendations of technology platforms and tools that could provide support and overcome the challenges identified in the initial research. Within this there was also consideration of how these technologies would work with the current solutions in place.

Lisa Headshot

"Desk-based secondary research is always interesting, as you get to peel back the
various layers of information you have to find your insights. Asking the sometimes obvious questions often gets us to think in a more creative way, which in turn brings new thinking to identifying the challenges and the potential solutions."

Lisa Henderson

The results

The results

Giving an independent review of the data and then applying our knowledge of technology solutions, we were able to provide a variety of recommendations to support improving various elements of the recruitment process in line with the needs of the DE&I plan. 


In presenting the findings we were able to answer questions and help the BBC build an understanding of how the technologies would bring value and benefit to the organisation.

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