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Making changes to any process or technology is always a challenge but particularly when the goal is to drastically improve the experience for people externally and internally. Udder did a fantastic job of keeping everyone focused on our goal, sharing valuable insight from previous experiences with the system and personal knowledge of the recruitment field.  We are extremely grateful for the down-to-earth, practical, and pragmatic approach Udder took to help us deliver

Kim Canterford
Head of People Operations, Global - Biocair

The Challenge

The Challenge

The significant challenge of this project while transitioning from Biocair’s current ATS, XCD, to a more advanced system, Teamtailor was upgrading their processes to build a more automated process and move away from a manual recruitment process. These new processes need to be configured to support operations in more than nine countries. 


The other challenge was an ambitious go-live with input required from various stakeholders with many other conflicting priorities.


Our solution

Our solution

Our goal was to understand their existing system's workings and identify the target end state. We brought together multiple stakeholders to foster a complete understanding and streamline the various workstreams.


To get to this goal end state, our strategy was to break down the project into manageable tasks, each with explicit deadlines, which helped maintain momentum and ensure a clear path towards the project's completion. By setting strict deadlines, we made sure that everyone involved was accountable, and the project stayed on track.


Website Headshots (Team Udder)

The team at Biocair were a pleasure to work with, everyone involved in the project was very engaged with the process and open to ideas for how to streamline their processes. Biocair can now depend on their ATS to deliver a positive experience for all its users and support their global operations."

Ella McEwan
Implementation Consultant, Udder

The results

The results

The most remarkable achievement of this project was our effective project management that kept Biocair's ATS upgrade on track despite challenging timelines. Our precise guidance and strategic approach ensured that Biocair experienced a seamless and efficient ATS upgrade from XCD to Teamtailor, thereby streamlining their global HR operations. Biocair is now better equipped to recruit for their global operations, supporting their commitment to excellence in the life sciences logistics industry.


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