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Udder was able to provide us with a thorough research report and analysis on the 'Hiring Insights' product. Additionally, working with he Udder team has been extremely useful as they have helped us to identify opportunities to better inform and equip our talent acquisition and talent insight users.

Maggie Fidler
Product Manager, Indeed

The Need

The Need

Supporting employers with a variety of recruitment solutions to source, screen and hire faster, Indeed wanted to gather insights from Talent Acquisition (TA) and Talent Intelligence (TI) leaders, to understand their strategic planning needs to inform and shape the development of new features for ‘Hiring Insights’ (their Talent Intelligence product). 

Determined to build insights based on trusted and honest conversations within a professional network, Indeed wanted to be able to identify trends to have an informed view of the needs of the TA & TI communities through a robust research approach.

The Research

The Research

The research started with a series of one to one interviews, however once the initial results were analysed and presented, we were asked to help them dig deeper to build a greater understanding of the needs, and explore initial opportunities. For this a survey and focus groups were used. 


Phase One: Interviews with Senior Talent Acquisition and Talent Intelligence leaders of global organisations to establish the need, requirements and availability of data in their roles, and provide insights to help develop new and improved “Hiring Insights” features.


Phase Two: Following time with the UX team we developed a small scale online survey where we tested and prioritised several new potential features and data function improvements. These were worked through considering feedback on the candidate, the data availability and the trends. 

Phase Three: Focus groups were also used to sense check the survey outcomes and explore the user functionality aspects of the proposed features.

Lisa Headshot

"Working directly with the UX team was a great experience and allowed us to fully shape the right approach and ensure we developed the right content for opportunities to be explored further. 


The outputs proved extremely valuable, offering Indeed various validated insights to enable them to develop new and improved features for Hiring Insights."

Lisa Henderson

The results

The results

The analysis of the research provided the client with valuable information and real time insights into the functional needs, the user experience and general points of note on the current and future needs of TA and TI professionals. 


The gathering of this research enabled us to provide top level recommendations for the future which the Indeed UX team could then develop further into improved or new  product ideas.

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