Welcome to Udder

We created Udder as a resource for HR tech buyers, vendors and investors. In essence, we’re building a community of people who want to improve how all of those groups interact with each other – for the benefit of everyone involved.

For buyers...

We provide experienced, unbiased and vendor agnostic advice, insight and consultancy on HR technology.

We see it as our job to help you make well informed low-risk buying decisions, that are backed up by the combined knowledge of our team. 

We’ll also keep you up-to-date on the most effective tools & platforms to power your people strategies.

For vendors...

We deliver crowd and 1:1 support via our Mentor & Advisory board.

We can provide advice on raising funds, help shape your product roadmap, and organise events where you can collaborate with others or showcase your tech.

We’re also creating “the World’s most comprehensive database of Talent & HR tech” – which you should probably be listed on (it’s free).

For investors...

We provide regular updates on the latest tech companies that are seeking investment.

We hook you up with founders, and help you make decisions about what you should (and shouldn’t) invest your hard-earned money in.

We can also support your investment via our mentor and advisory board.

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Vendor? Get on the database!

If you’re a HR tech vendor with some tech you think the world should know about, then register your product – so it appears in our database when we launch it later this year.

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