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The Problem

Implementing new technology can increase your team’s productivity, boost sales and help you make decisions, but implementing does come with its fair share of risks. Many don’t go smoothly, and some just flat out fail! The truth is, if a tech implementation fails, it’s rarely a poor purchasing decision. It’s usually because:

User adoption and stakeholder engagement aren’t prioritised highly enough.

The potential for the tool to bend to your needs isn't exploited.

The PMO doesn't understand your workflow or the software.

The workload for internal teams is underesti- mated, and as a result implementation teams are under-resourced.

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Almost every company is on some sort of digital transformation.

But only

1in 8

Are achieving their desired outcomes.

We’re your key to a painless software implementation with maximum ROI

Our Solution


Requirement deep dive

We discover, dissect and document the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your needs.


Modelling the ‘to be’

We synthesise your requirements into a vision of the future, both at the outcome and workflow level.


Build, Test & Deploy

We run the project, driving each task and issue, leading on configuration and channelling vendor support/effort throughout.


Launch & Embed

We guide you through launch, preparing your users and business, and creating the tools for successful engagement and adoption.

A personalised approach.

Helping you get the most out of your new piece of tech.

Felix Wetzel

What I liked most about working with Udder is their 360° service.


They become fully embedded, acting as a team member. They are super responsive, comfortable dealing with senior management and presenting to other departments.


Essentially, they are worth every penny.

Felix Wetzel
Director of Carer Acquisition, Cera

Why us

Ambitious pragmatism

Ambitious pragmatism

The Udder Way means aiming high, but with unapologetic plain speaking. That’s why our clients succeed.

Convening Power

Convening Power

The time, skill and credibility to bring employer and suppliers together for results.

Software Knowledge

Software Knowledge

Familiarity that unlocks the power and potential of your chosen tech.

Functional Expertise

Functional Expertise

Lived experience in best-in-class HR

Helping you get the most out of your new piece of tech.

Your key to a smoother software implemantion