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Udder have played a key role in helping us refine our roadmap and identify what really matters (and is going to matter) to our clients and their own business stakeholders. Having that external input is very helpful, particularly one that has the wider market network and insight of Jeremy and his team.

Dan Speed
CEO, Amberjack

The Challenge

The Challenge

Amberjack, an established and innovative business in the Early Careers technology space, faced the challenge of continuing to optimise its market position and capitalising on emerging opportunities in its industry.


To overcome this hurdle, they sought Udder's support and expertise to navigate the complexities of their broader market and identify critical areas for product and service improvements. Our primary goal was to identify strategic opportunities for Amberjack, from both a technology and commercial perspective, that could give them a competitive edge in their market.

Our Solution

Our Solution

We assessed the Ambertrack product, dissecting both its front-end and back-end functionalities, to gain a holistic understanding of its capabilities, followed by a deep market analysis, looking at traditional competitors and challengers with more modern architecture. 

Additionally, we conducted an in-depth review of pricing structures, benchmarking them against market standards. Based on our overall findings, we developed strategic recommendations aimed at enhancing Amberjack's market positioning and setting them up to take advantage of market opportunities.

Having identified key roadmap priorities, we explored partnership opportunities across relevant market segments, analysing potential collaboration structures and identifying key partners. Our consulting expertise, combined with research insights, allowed us to formulate actionable strategies tailored to Amberjack's unique market position.

Recognizing the significance of customer perspectives, we also embarked on a detailed qualitative research journey, engaging with key customer segments: existing clients, lapsed clients, and lost prospects. Through in-depth interviews and surveys, we captured invaluable insights into their preferences, needs, and priorities


"It's been great working with Amberjack over the last few months, both on the consulting project and insights work that has driven them to a much more informed place in terms of their roadmap and their commercial strategy.  Across the board, they have had a really open-mind to our suggestions - without this, consulting adds less, or zero, value." 

Jeremy Russon
Co-Founder, Udder

The Outcome

The Outcome

Through comprehensive market analysis, we collaboratively identified avenues for enhancing Amberjack's offerings that could differentiate them from their competitors. By adding in customer insights through research, Amberjack now has a customer-centric roadmap, enabling them to align their offerings with customer expectations and improve customer retention. 

Furthermore, the exploration of partnership opportunities provides Amberjack with the potential to expand its market reach, leverage synergies, and tap into new revenue streams.

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