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How does it work?

The Udder Research Network (TURN for short) helps organisations to access relevant participants – who can provide valuable opinions – in order to power data-led decision making.

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Quantitative Research


We work with you and your team to find out exactly what questions you are looking to get answered, and more importantly – whom you want to target and why.


We’ll design and build the survey for you


We’ll run and manage the survey, making sure it’s targeted at the right audience and keeping you informed of the response levels.


We’ll take the survey responses, analyse the results, and create a comprehensive report for you to use however you wish.

An approach to quantitative research that brings speed, scale and objectivity to your decision making

With our ability to target respondents from various demographics and regions, TURN is your one-stop shop to conduct comprehensive research.

Quick Turnaround

With access to over 30k+ HR & People leaders and professionals globally, your survey will begin filling with respondents as soon as it’s launched.

Survey Protection

We take your research extremely seriously, so we’ve put in place a system of robust measures to ensure your responses are genuine and the output can be trusted.

Our Network

We’re industry people – we get it. Our experience lends itself to producing meaningful insights from the data we collect for you.

Qualitative Research


We work with you and your team to help you identify the types of individuals who will provide the most valuable input and opinions.


We’ll discuss and agree with you the best forum(s) to draw out the depth and quality of input you’re looking to achieve from your target audience. 


First, we’ll secure your participants, and then we’ll conduct, host or facilitate the format(s) you have chosen to capture their opinions.


We’ll analyse the participants’ views, opinions, and inputs and create a comprehensive report for you to use however you wish.

A bespoke, targeted approach to finding the answers to your questions.

Qualitative research with TURN will provide rich insights into people thoughts, behaviours and experiences.

A deeper understanding

Qualitative research gives you the depth of response needed to understand people’s behaviours. Why and how they act, and what they then might do.

A range of options

From focus groups to interviews, workshops to 1:1s, we can do it all. Gathering insights that only face to face interaction can provide.

Research + Industry Expertise

Our industry expertise means we are well-positioned to elicit meaningful opinions and provide inferred conclusions that are valid and powerful insights.

Are you ready to TURN up the dial and experience the power of data-driven decision making?